Are you ready to stop hiding behind your weight? 

You’re ready to put yourself out there.
You’ve figured out that counting calories and killing yourself with exercise doesn’t work for you.
You’re looking for something different. Something that works permanently.

But what?

It’s time to start taking action. I can help you.

  • I told myself I needed to get used to being 155lbs, that I was past the point of ever seeing a smaller number on the scale or of feeling like my body reflected who I saw in my memory. Then I hit 160 and was officially, medically obese. That’s when I reached out to Lynn. I never considered that I could see 145, much less aim for 135. Now I’m not only staring at 145 lbs, but confident and excited that 135 is right around the corner.

    Brandy P.



We work together to uncover what’s holding you back. You’ll answer questions you’ve never been asked before.

We’ll dig in deep to figure out why you are overeating in the first place.


I’ll teach you to eat in a way that supports permanent weight loss.

You’ll have daily accountability & coaching with me online.

You’ll figure out a way that works for you (without feeling deprived!)


We’ll create a strong vision for the person you want to become.

A person who lives happily in her right-sized body.

I coach you become that person.

  • Working with Lynn during our first six sessions gave me many aha moments. The biggest and most important for me was that mental health is a large component of weight loss. For many years, I tried programs that focused on the how for weight loss and this plan is the first that also focuses on the why. The individualized coaching has made a huge difference in how I feel about myself, my weight, and what I can do. And I've lost more than 20 pounds! 

    Emily S.
  • Now I know it's possible to lose weight past 160. Seeing myself at 155, I realized that I could go even lower...I was able to question my identity as "big boned", and now I see a relatively uncomplicated way to reach 145 and BEYOND. My crazy, ultimate goal used to be 145, but you've made me realize that hell, why not say 135?!

    Laura D.


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