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I published the first episode of my podcast yesterday. You can listen to it here.

A few months ago I didn’t think this was going to happen.

I thought it would be fun to publish a podcast all about coaching the contestants of The Bachelor on their drama, but I wasn’t sure that I had what it took to be a podcast host.

But who decides that?

There’s no podcasting gene.

There’s also no person in the world who gives you permission to put yourself out there.

You get to decide.

This project is about me being comfortable being seen.

I feel like I’ve been hiding for many, many years and it’s time to stop hiding.

It’s time to fully embrace my wonderful, weird self.

It’s time for you to do that too.

Come be wonderful and weird with me.

  • Lauren

    I’m so glad you’re weird and you’ve decided to stop being selfish. 😉

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