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I unpublished yesterday’s post as an act of self-care. Maybe someday I’ll publish it again, maybe not. 

I was re-listening to one of my favorite podcast episodes (Magic Lessons – season 1, episode 12) between Elizabeth Gilbert and Brené Brown and got to the part around 23 minutes where Brené talks about sharing personal stories. She believes you should only share personal stories where your healing is not contingent on other people’s opinion.  

Yesterday’s story is still too fresh for me to share publicly. It was helpful to hit publish for a day because of the experience of having done that. My feeling of anxiety brought me back to my thoughts about how it would be for the people closest to me to read things that I haven’t yet shared with them. I think it would be making it harder for me and them because the voices I most need to be able to hear right now are my own and the person closest to me, not an audience. 

She goes on to say that you share the story after there’s shame resilience meaning that how other people respond is neutral. 

So maybe that’s my litmus test as I write this blog. 

When I think about anyone in the world reading this, how do I feel? 

If the answer is anything other than love, I hold off.
If the answer is love or neutrality, I carry on.

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