I Told Frontier Airlines I Loved My Boyfriend Before I Told Him

If you’ve read my about page, you know that things moved quickly after I met my boyfriend Josh.
I responded by freaking out and gaining ~25 pounds.

Sometimes when things click for two people, relationships can move quickly. I think this happens to a lot of people who meet in their mid-30s and 40s. You’ve dated a lot of bad apples, so you kinda know what you want. That doesn’t mean it’s easy, it just gives things some momentum.

Here’s the story of how I told my boyfriend I loved him (and why Frontier Airlines found out first) and what limitations I had to get over in order to receive love.

We were just one week into dating when Josh said something like… I love you, can I say that?”

Me: “Yes, I love you too.”

Him: “Are you just saying that because I said it?”

Me: “No. You should see what I wrote about you to Frontier Airlines.”

Josh: ???

So I pulled up this email message I had written earlier that day to Frontier Airlines

…And their reply


What I wrote in my message to them was true – I wasn’t just trying to be cutesy to get a refund.

I never thought love was possible for me because I traveled full-time. What I didn’t tell them was that I also thought love wasn’t possible for me because I was fat. I told myself these things because it seemed easier than putting myself out there to risk rejection and heartbreak.

I got over these limitations by realizing that they were just thoughts that I was choosing to think. At the end of the day, they really weren’t true. It didn’t matter where I lived. It didn’t matter what I weighed.

So many of my clients and friends have their own excuses when it comes to finding (or not finding) love. Some of them realize these excuses and some of them don’t.

  • I’ll put myself out there after I lose 30 lbs
  • I’m thinking about moving, so I’ll wait to meet someone in that new place
  • There’s no one here to date

What are your excuses for not putting yourself out there?
Are these excuses actually true?

If you’re not getting the results in your life then there’s something that’s holding you back.
Let’s figure it out together.

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