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That thing that keeps coming up over and over again has something to teach you.

There’s nothing wrong because you haven’t learned that thing yet.

You aren’t deficit.

You just haven’t learned the lesson and that’s OK.

The more you show up ready to figure it out and see it from all the different angles, the more you will learn.

I have a few things like this.

The desire to overeat is pretty constant for me.

It seems I can find 100 different reasons to emotionally eat which results in 100 different lessons.

Most days I learn the lesson before I eat.
But some days I learn the lesson because I ate.

I used to think this was a problem, but I don’t anymore.

You don’t have to think it’s a problem for you either.

What is that thing that keeps coming up over and over again for you?
Can you look at it with a fresh set of eyes?
What is it all about?
How might someone else look at it?

How might you approach it differently if you thought it was happening FOR you instead of AGAINST you?

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