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We don’t rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level of our training.

– Archilochus, Greek Poet


Yesterday didn’t go as planned. 

I didn’t go square dancing and I definitely overate. 

When I think back on it, I can see that I didn’t have a plan at all. 

Certainly not one that would support ME as who I am today. 

Here’s what I can count on me to do: 

– Take care of the dog

– Go to bed at a decent time

– Meet every work deadline and not cancel on anyone

– Eat whatever is quick and easy

Knowing this about me, I can see where I missed the mark yesterday. 

There’s nothing wrong with how yesterday went down, but when I fast forward to next week, I would love to think that I have my own back when I’m solo. 

This calls for a realistic plan.

It’s important that we sign ourselves up for what we will actually do so that we build a solid relationship with ourselves. 

When I made the plan to go square dancing yesterday, I didn’t consider that the person I am today really only likes going out by herself when it’s light out. 

I set myself up to be mean to myself later when I inevitably didn’t go to that event. 

Being nice to yourself means considering what you want to sign up for and then agreeing to do only those things. 

Everything on top of that is just a bonus.

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