Stop Quitting at Your Status Quo

Three months into losing weight, I arrived at an interesting place.
Or rather, it was an uninteresting place.
It was the place I’d been to so many times before–the safe zone.

The safe zone is the weight where I felt comfortable, but not scared.
For me this has always been the 150-155 range.

Scan your brain. Do you have a safe zone weight? Something that feels good enough?

Your brain likes to play tricks on you at the status quo, because it thinks it’s keeping you safe.

You’d be OK stopping here…
Why keep losing?
You look good enough.

My brain also wanted cheeseburgers.

Here’s another way to think of safe weights:  

When I was at my highest weight of 175, I felt like I was living with a bad boyfriend. I felt terrible all the time and didn’t want to be there. How did I even get there in the first place? I knew something HAD to change.

When I reached my safe weight of 150, I felt like I’d ditched the bad boyfriend and moved back in with my parents. I didn’t have to pay rent and life felt easy and non-threatening. Your brain really wants you to stay here.

When I thought of my goal weight of 135, it was like I was contemplating living on my own for the very first time in a new city. I’d never been there before and it’s scary AF.

Because of this way of thinking, I was paralyzed at 150 lbs for about two months. I’d gain a pound and then lose a pound.

It was confusing because on the one hand, I thought I still wanted the goal; but on the other hand, it still felt kinda impossible.

So I finally asked my coach, what should I do?
She said, “Get to 135 and then decide if you really want to be at 150.”

I protested for another two weeks and then decided that maybe she was right.
I should go for it and prove that I could do something that I felt was impossible for me.

Here are the 5 questions I asked myself to help me keep going:

  • What is the goal you’ve set for yourself? Have you reached it?

135 lbs. I have not reached it.

  • How are you justifying not reaching your goal?

I look good enough at 150. I feel comfortable here. All my old clothes fit me and my knees don’t hurt anymore when I hike.

  • Do you like your reasons for stopping?

Sometimes. Sometimes I feel OK, but then there’s this nagging feeling that I’m missing out on what could be.

  • What would you achieve for yourself if you reached your goal?

I would feel so f*cking proud of myself. I haven’t been at 135 since before puberty, so it would really feel like I was a whole different person.

  • How could you keep going today?

Recommit to my goal of 135. Ask for help from my coach. Continue tracking my food and being super precise with my eating (I had stopped at that point).

I recommitted, got help, and kept going.

Two months later I reached my goal weight of 135 and I have to tell you, it was a great moment.
If I’m being honest, I had had fantasies since the beginning about posting a skinny picture of myself on Facebook and now was the time.

In order to push past the status quo, you need to be willing to feel uncomfortable.
You have to remind yourself everyday that the discomfort is worth it in order to create a better future for yourself.

I’ll leave you with this quote by Seth Godin, “You either defend the status quo or you invent the future.”

The life that you want to live is on the other side of status quo.
Invent your future.

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