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Matthew is my Lyft driver today. He picks me up at 7:13 A.M. outside of my motorhome and as we start driving, I point out the brilliant sunrise.

He looks to the left, surprised. 

It’s one of those obvious sunrises where you’d have to be pretty lost in thought in order to miss it. So I asked him how he’s doing.  

It’s not good, he says, I got 4 hours left of this 12 hours shift and I gotta hustle, gotta hustle. Got bills to pay. I don’t know how I screwed up so bad with money this time, but now I gotta WORK. I gotta work 12 hour days for the next two days to pay the rent. 

Let’s pause here so I can confess something. I was taught in life coach training not to coach someone who hasn’t asked for it, but there’s something about Lyft and Uber drivers where I can’t resist offering a little something. If they dish up some juicy thoughts, I try to spin it a little. The coaching is subtle, I swear. 😉 

It sounds like you are figuring it out, I say. Actually it sounds like you are kind of a badass for making this work. Other people could have quit or shut down, but you figured it out. Now you can’t tell yourself you can’t handle this kind of stuff out. 

Matthew continues telling me about his money problems when it occurs to me that it could basically be my brain driving the car. The exact details of what he’s saying aren’t applicable to me, but the fear behind his words could be straight from my mind. 

There’s never enough. 

I really screwed up with my spending. 

I’ll always be in debt. 

I should be saving more, making more. 

It’s an interesting moment to see these comparisons. My thoughts about money are basically the same as his. 

From here we could both decide we have plenty and are badasses for making things work OR we could stay stuck in scarcity. 

I don’t know how the story will go for Matthew, but I can see where I have a choice to think about things. 

I’m going to work on thinking I have plenty. 

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