One Job

Yesterday while walking down these beautiful paths lined with old growth pine trees at Fort Worden State Park, an animal stepped out from the grass in front of me — maybe two school bus lengths away.

My brain LOVES random animal encounters so it was excited. 

Fox? Dog? Big dog? Coyote!


Usually when I see animals, they scamper away quickly, but this one stood there staring at me while I stared at it. 

It treaded back into the grass and continue to stare me dead in the eyes. 

When it didn’t run away, it occurred to me that I had to figure out what to do.

I watched it dumbly for another minute before turning and slowly walking away. (Which I know now is exactly the opposite of what you should do). 

This tells me one thing: my primitive brain has been overworking on dealing with all of my perceived emotional dangers and is distracted. It literally has one job – to protect me from physical danger – and it was like OMG COOL! Let’s go hug it. 

Sounds like I might need to have a chat with my brain about priorities. 😂



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