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I was going to give myself the day off from posting, because hey it’s a holiday, but then… I felt compelled to write.

I’m alone this Thanksgiving, but I don’t feel lonely.

Mostly I feel excited.

That surprises me.

I went through weeks of personal drama about Josh being gone and now that I’m here, it’s not that bad.

In fact, it’s kinda fun.

I can make a lot of noise in the morning, spread my shit out everywhere, watch trashy TV.

I don’t have to consult with anyone about anything.

Don’t get me wrong, I want him to come back, but the novelty of being on my own feels special.

When I was single I hated these holidays because I thought they highlighted what I didn’t have.

Without Josh here, I see what I do have. A supportive husband, a cute dog, a lovely home, oodles of freedom, an amazing job, a family who spent the morning calling and texting me.

I’m thankful for all of this.

And I’m thankful for you, dear reader, wherever you are.

Be good to yourself today, OK?

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