You Never Have to Binge Again

I remember the day I wrote the sentence, “Today is the last day you ever have to binge eat.”

I sat in disbelief for the rest of day. Never again?

In fact, I sat in disbelief for the next week – it never occurred to me that I could just… stop.

Just like that. Bingeing always felt out of my power and automatic.

Whenever I felt sad, lonely, or bored, my response was to eat a lot.  

The next time I felt lonely and wanted to eat, I closed my eyes and pretended that someone who loved me was wrapping their arms tightly around me, telling me everything was OK.

They repeated, “You don’t have to eat.”

Over and over and over again.

I sat like that until the urge to eat went away.

The good news is this: If you can start eating, you can stop eating.

In the moment, you can try giving yourself whatever emotion you are actually looking for.
For me it was love.

But since we’re human, it will take some practice to get out of the habit of overeating.

Instead of beating yourself up if it happens, you can ask yourself these 5 questions:

  1. What did I overeat?
  2. Why did you overeat? Be very specific.
  3. What did you notice?
  4. What would have worked better? What else could you have done?
  5. What did you learn?

Practice this every time you overeat. Just write down what happened and return to eating in a way that serves you better.

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