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Today I told my boss about a project that I’ll be launching in January.

I wasn’t really nervous about telling her, but I was curious about what she would think of it. 

I am creating a podcast where I take the reality show, The Bachelor, and bring on other life coaches to discuss how we would coach the contestants. Instead of spending an entire season screaming at the TV that these ladies ARE enough and that NO ONE can actually hurt their feelings, I can tell the world via a podcast. 

To my surprise, my boss watches her own share of reality TV (her jam is The Kardashians) and she was 100% on board with being one of my guests. So fun, right? 

I’ve shared my idea with a few coaches now and all of them are on board. Apparently all of us are closet reality TV show watchers… who knew? 

I also ordered some microphones today, so this thing is becoming REAL.

I think this is going to be so, so fun.

Stay tuned, friends!

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