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Today is my 39th birthday and it seems appropriate that we are staying at Cape Lookout State Park. 

A lookout is a person stationed to keep watch for danger or trouble. 

We’re all the lookouts on our own lives. 

We’re designed to scan our lives and see what terrible things might befall us so we can prevent them. 

If we aren’t intentional, we look for danger in our lives.  

For example, last night Josh and I went to the ocean after dark to walk on the beach. Have you ever walked on the beach in the pitch black of night? It’s eerie. 

Immediately my brain started to think about the warning from our weather app about the sneaker waves that will come on you by surprise and sweep you out to sea. 

I couldn’t enjoy the lapping of the waves or the Big Dipper in the sky and didn’t consider that we could enjoy the ocean any other way. My lookout brain was on high alert. 

We do this for our futures as well. I can’t tell you how many times my brain offered that I would be fired this year, despite very compelling reasons that I would not be. 

Where we can be intentional is by noticing those thoughts and acknowledging that they are just thoughts. We don’t have to believe them. They can just be there for our benefit if we need them, but otherwise we don’t engage. 

When I lookout on my life for this past year, I see all the wonderful things I created: I got married, resumed travel on the road in a new-to-us motorhome, I created my dream job and doubled my salary, I maintained 40 lbs of weight loss, wrote 80+ blogs. 

When I lookout into my future, I see all the things I want to create in the next year: a podcast, a book, 200+ blogs, a six-figure salary, new friendships, an even stronger marriage, a significant portion of our debt paid off. 

I get to decide if I go into that driven by fear or driven by excitement. 

The key is that you lookout and decide how you want to view your world. 

The choice is always yours. 

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