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It’s already easy. You’re just making it hard with your thinking. 

– Brooke Castillo

What am I making harder than it needs to be? 

That’s such a good question, especially at this time of year. 

I notice that I’m diagnosing myself with seasonal affective disorder. 

The calendar shifts to a new month and my thoughts shift to, “Well here we go again. I’m going to feel shitty because that’s how I always feel this time of year. December is just a bad month for me”

But what if that doesn’t have to be true? Plenty of people love this time of year. 

Or what if it IS true and seasonal affective disorder is just a neutral circumstance?

If it’s just a circumstance (and thereby not good or bad until I have a thought about it) I get to decide how I want to think and feel.

A thought like, “I’m going to feel shitty” will inevitably lead to me feeling terrible, not taking care of myself and proving my original thought that December is just a bad month for me. 

I become a victim of my circumstance. 

If I shift to a new thought like, “I can support myself this season, no matter what,” I’m still in victim mentality because I’m rallying against the seasonal affective disorder instead of seeing it as neutral. 

Instead of shifting to a new thought, I can stay present and aware that right now, just like every other time of the year, my thoughts are creating my feelings. 

And the reason I feel shitty is because of my shitty thoughts. 

By doing that I can look around instead of running away. The slight tweak might be, “I notice myself thinking this time of year is hard from me and that doesn’t have to be true.”

I can find evidence that this is not true and work to see my thoughts as optional. This will help me break the habit of thinking that December is hard. 

December is neutral and it could be easy. 

That it’s already easy. 

What are you making harder than it needs to be? What if it could be easy?

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