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I don’t want to write today. 

My reasons – 

I don’t have any good ideas. 

No one will care or know if I don’t post. 

Daily blogging was a terrible idea. 

No one reads this blog anyway.

Friends, I’ve reached the stage where justifications have shown up instead of inspiration.

This is the part where I usually quit on myself. But not today.

See, I’ve committed and I know from experience there will just be some days where you don’t want to do it and then you do it anyway.

No one loves going to work every single day, but yet they still show up. Why?

Because they’ve committed and the reason to keep going is more compelling than their reason to quit.

My compelling reason today is that I’m tired of quitting on myself. Like seriously so tired of it. 

When stopping isn’t an option, I keep going. 

I might be posting about my resistance to writing every damn day this week and that’s OK.

Eventually my brain will get the hint that I’m not listening to its feeble excuses and then it will get to work creating ideas again.

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