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Well… that was a wild ride. I’m still not sure what to think of this season of The Bachelor! Peter said it best when he said he made a million mistakes. I wouldn’t disagree.

BUT – it did make for some fun coachable moments and these final episodes were not lacking in drama.

This week I brought on the PERFECT guest to help break all of this down. Claire Byrne is a Heartbreak Coach who specializes in helping women and men heal their hearts after a relationship ends. Obviously, we had a lot to talk about in this episode.

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🌹 Coachable Moments 🌹

Peter and Madison Break-up
📺Re-watch on Hulu: Episode 11, 45 min

Peter and Madison Reunite… much to Barb’s chagrin. Madison treats Barb with disdain.
📺Re-watch on Hulu:  Episode 12, 1 hr, 10 min

Peter and Hannah Ann get engaged and then Peter later breaks it off with her.
📺Re-watch on Hulu: Episode 11, 1 hr 20 min; Episode 12

Peter says he’s still not over Hannah Brown and needed closure with her (and Madison).
📺Re-watch on Hulu: Episode 12

Peter has to “break up” with his mom in order to move forward with Madison. Do we sense some conditional love from his mom?
📺Re-watch on Hulu: Episode 12


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