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What if everyone you ever dated was good enough?

Good enough for you, good enough as a human, 100% worthy of love.

Can you grant them that belief?

When I scan back through the lineup of guys I dated over the years, I struggle a bit.

My brain searches for evidence that they just weren’t good.

But what about the alcoholic who was so drunk that he forgot when he broke up with me?

Or the guy who forgot my birthday?

Or the one I suspected cheated on me?

There’s a part of me that needs them to be bad so that I can be the good one by comparison and feel better about myself.

But let’s look at this a different way. What does it say about you that you always picked a bad one?

The first thing that comes to my mind is that I was not good enough.

If I was good enough and worthy enough I would have picked a better guy for me.

That thought feels terrible.

If instead all of them were perfect for me based on where I was in life, I offer myself some grace.

I open up to the lessons from those relationships without judgment on the parties involved.

I let them be good enough so that I can be good enough too.

That thought feels so much better.

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