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Fantasy Suites were… awkward this week. What else can I say? So many coachable moments.

This week I’m joined by my coach, Elizabeth Elliott. When she’s not helping me manage my brain, Elizabeth teaches men how to engineer themselves for success. Peter obviously needs her help!

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🌹 Coachable Moments 🌹

[5:30] Madison tells Peter that if he were to “be intimate” with someone else, it would be hard for her to move forward. 

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[15:15] Peter says … “I love everything about my relationship with Victoria, except when it comes to just communicating and having hard talks.” What else is there besides communication, Peter? Oh, right. Whatever happens in the fantasy suite room… 
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[22:10] Victoria speaks about not feeling good enough in her last relationship. In asking her what she means by that and asking for specific examples, Victoria doesn’t feel like she’s good enough to give him the answer he’s looking for.
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[30] Victoria & Hannah Ann discuss Madison’s “ultimatum” with Peter and say it’s not fair to him to put him on the spot like that.
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[37:52] Madison and Peter discuss whether or not he’s been “intimate” with other women (will someone just say SEX already!!!) When he tells her that he HAS been intimate with the other women, she ultimately walks away.
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