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This week I’m so excited to be joined by my boss, Katrina Ubell! Listen in while we dish about Peter’s shenanigans on his hometown dates.

Some of those visits went great… some of them… not so great (ahem, Victoria F 😏).

At the end of the day, Peter is still following his heart and we’re not terribly confident in where it’s taking him.

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🌹 Coachable Moments 🌹

[33:28]  The parents show up as needy and bossy. They have LOTS of demands and warnings for Peter on how he should show up and treat their daughters. Peter does little to alieve their fears. 

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[41:03]  By the end of the episode, Peter claims to be in love with all three women. We don’t think of people being in romantic love with more people than one at a time but it’s possible, right? 
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[48:09] Peter’s Ex-GF Merissa pulls Peter aside to warn him about Victoria. He immediately believes Merissa but also doesn’t give Victoria any benefit of the doubt.
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[54:03] Peter confronts Victoria F. about Merissa’s allegations. In a “shocking” move, Victoria F runs away and Peter runs after here. 
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[59:32] Madison waits until AFTER she gets the rose to tell Peter about how she’s saving herself for marriage. Maybe she could have brought this up earlier than just before Fantasy Suite week? 
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