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This week’s guest, Felicia Broccolo, auditioned to get on this season of The Bachelor and sadly, was not selected. To make up for it, she joined me to discuss how Peter’s deep insecurities and aversion to having fun. Perhaps the producers will take notice of her now? Time will tell!

Listen in while we dive deeper into all things Bachelor. Hometowns are just around the corner and Peter had some big decisions to make this episode. 😬

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Felicia coaches active people on how to have complete freedom and self-control around food.

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🌹 Coachable Moments 🌹

[10:25]  Peter continues to make decisions based on his fear of being heartbroken at the end of this… which basically guarantees that he will be heartbroken at the end of this. 💔 

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[18:20] On each date, Peter and the women are becoming more future-focused. Now that they are approaching hometowns, things are getting real for them and they are starting to (tentatively) discuss what their futures could look like.
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[26:18] On the 1:1 date, Madison says she wants someone who shares her faith. Peter… struggles with this. To make it up to her, he tells her that he’s falling in love with her.
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[33:30] Now that the bar is set to Madison, everyone else is compared to her. Is this useful? Not really. 🤔
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[39:55] Victoria F. says Peter is in a mood. Peter says Victoria F. is in a mood. Since Peter LOVES moodiness, he gives her a rose. 🥀
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