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This week, the contestants are all rocked by their emotions. Some of the ladies seem to be handling things well. Others… not so much.

For this podcast episode, I’m joined by Certified Life Coach, Kristen McClellan. Kristen helps social media influencers reduce their anxiety. Obviously, she’s the perfect guest to have on the show since all of the contestants are her ideal clients! 

Kristen helps me break down an episode that features so many emotional breakdowns.

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🌹 Coachable Moments 🌹

[5:52] Self-doubt rocks Mykenna’s world. We’ve seen this happen in past episodes, but it really shows up on this episode!

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[13:18] Tammy shows up as the emotions police and thinks that she is in charge of telling Kelsey how to do it right. But are either of them actually processing emotions? Yeah, not really.
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[24:24] Peter takes Kelley on a 1:1 date to figure out if she’s there for the right reasons. He informs her that she needs to trust the process and she’s like, sure, I could do that.
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[32:10] Kelsey sneaks over to Peter’s cabana to clear up the drama and get a little face-time. He gives her a rose and then she gets all the drama from the girls back at the house.
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[42:00] Peter wants everyone to trust the process… but does he? We’re not convinced. 
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 Featured on the Show

– Kristen McClellan,

– Instagram: @kristenmcoaching


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