Clinging to Love with Samantha Siffring | Love is Blind S6, Ep 7 & 8

Samantha Siffring, Life Coach

Are the cast members of Love is Blind actually ready for marriage? And how would they even know? At this point in the show we start to see cracks in the foundations of relationships that were already on rocky ground to begin with. 

Join my special guest Samantha Siffring and I as we dive into all the drama that happens in the Dominican Republic and back home in Charlotte, NC.

Samantha Siffring is a business coach, host of the Simple Online Business podcast, and author of the book, Copy That Compels. She has made millions of dollars as a coach and helped hundreds of women build successful businesses from their passions and expertise. Her non-work time is spent reading romance novels, antiquing, traveling with her family, cheering for the Denver Nuggets… and of course watching reality TV.

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