Choosing vs. Being Chosen with Kim Severson | Love is Blind S6, Ep 5 & 6

Kimberly Severson, Life Coach

This week the Love is Blind couples wrap up their proposals and head to the Dominican Republic. Who will make it? Who won’t? What happens when the voices you know and love also have bodies and mannerisms and newfound insecurities?

What we do know is that everyone has made a choice and now they are experiencing the impact of their decisions. Join my guest Kim Severson and I as we discuss how the proposals went down, setting boundaries, worthiness and loveability and validation. 

Kim Severson is the weight loss coach for people who hate dieting.  She helps her clients get off the restriction rollercoaster and achieve their goals by reconnecting to their body’s signals and cues, expanding their emotional resilience, and reclaiming a joyful, stress-free relationship with food.  Kim is the host of the Weight Loss Doesn’t Have to Suck podcast and a decades-long reality tv superfan.

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