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For a relationship to work, you need to have a want match. A want match is when everything that you want in a relationship is perfectly matched to all the things you are getting in a relationship. This term is described in length by Brooke Castillo on the Life Coach School Podcast, Episode 296.

What we see in this episode of The Bachelor is that Peter has no idea he wants. At times we catch a glimpse of him trying to figure out if he has a want match with some of these women, but more often than not, he’s bogged down in drama.

For this podcast episode, I’m joined by Certified Life Coach, Lauren Ciesco. Lauren helps women break through their limiting beliefs and habits and live their dream lives. 

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🌹 Coachable Moments 🌹

Victoria F. and Peter share a beer and discuss how many kids they want in life. Do we see a Want Match here?
📺Re-watch on Hulu: 11 min, 45 sec

[14:43] Peter and Victoria F. then head over to a private country concert with none-other-than Victoria F’s ex-boyfriend, Chase Rice! 😲Victoria is SUPER nervous to tell Peter about this. 
📺Re-watch on Hulu: 13 min, 10 sec

[22:41] Alayah returns to the show to clear her name and create MORE DRAMA. Shocking, I know.
📺Re-watch on Hulu: 43 min, 40 sec

[27:56] Alayah spreads ALL the hot gossip about Victoria F. No one is impressed. 🙄
📺Re-watch on Hulu: 58 min 25 sec

[33:58] Peter doesn’t know what he wants anymore! But did he ever? I think it’s time that he stop people-pleasing and start Peter-pleasing. Peter, only ONE girl can win at the end… stop trying to make everyone happy. 
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