Toxic Triangles with Maria Stoyadinova | Love is Blind S6, Ep 3 & 4

Maria Stoyadinova, Life Coach

This week I was thrilled to invite back previous pod guest, Maria Stoyadinova! I had so much fun talking to Maria last season for Survivor that I knew I needed to bring her back for another conversation.

If you’ve been following along with Love is Blind, you know this season is JUICY. We had SO much to talk about, so believe me when I say that I had to cut us off at the hour mark. 

Maria and I discuss…

❤️ Attraction… Do you get a choice of who you’re attracted to? Or are there other factors at play? 

❤️ Baggage… What impact do our past relationships have on picking future partners?

❤️ Commitment… Are these humans emotionally ready for serious relationships? 

Maria is a Certified feminist burnout and self-care coach for professional women. She helps clients tackle burnout from the inside out and spend their time and energy how they want to!

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