Why We Love Train Wrecks with Matt Kjar | Love is Blind S6, Ep 1 & 2

This week I had the pleasure of talking to one of my favorite videographers & life coaches, Matt Kjar! I met Matt several years ago and we immediately bonded over RV travel and of course, nerdy coaching things.

And now we’ve added to the nerdiness by talking about Reality TV. Matt offers a behind the scenes perspective on how reality TV shows are made and why the stories are told they way they are.

And if you have been watching Love is Blind season 6, you also know there are lots and LOTS of things to talk about from a coaching perspective!

Matt Kjar started his video and film production journey in front of the camera, as a child actor. He soon realized that the ones who really make the magic happen are behind the camera, so he decided to focus on the production. After graduating with a degree in Broadcasting he set out to tell stories.

He’s had the opportunity to interview A-list celebrities during the Sundance Film Festival, work internationally with the Olympics through 9 Games (that’s almost 20 years!), and has 2 Emmys from a story focused docu-follow series. Matt is also a certified Life Coach, and has a passion for storytelling and self-improvement.

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