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One of the hardest things we can do in life is to be bravely vulnerable with another human. Add dozens of cameras and milli0ns of viewers to the mix, and you’ve made that job much more challenging. As we see in this episode of The Bachelor (Season 24, Episode 3), some people rise to the occasion and some people… don’t.

This episode also calls into question what it means to be your true self and who gets to decide if you are actually being that person.

For this podcast episode, I’m joined by Intimacy Coach, Rhonda Farr. Rhonda helps her clients create more emotional and physical intimacy in their relationships. 

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We talk in general about the type of mindset it takes to be a contestant on the show.

[13:19] Victoria P. and Peter share a vulnerable moment on the date and we talk about what it means to be “deserving” of someone. 
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[22:02] From the same 1:1 date between Victoria P. and Peter, we also talk about what it takes to be open and vulnerable in a relationship.
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[30:37] Sydney accuses Alayah of being fake. This commences a trial where Peter tries to determine if Alayah is there for the right reasons (spoiler: the only thing he accomplishes is becoming more and more confused). 
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[39:45] Peter feels INCREDIBLY doubtful about whether or not to send Alayah home. After she leaves the show, he continues to feel like maybe he hasn’t made the right decision. 
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