How You Show Up with Carrie Marshall | Survivor S45 E1

Carrie Marshall Master Life Coach

Deciding how you want to show up is one of the very first decisions you have to make on Survivor. And this decision is so different from how we make decisions in everyday life. 

In the real world, telling people you’re a lawyer might be seen as a good thing…Well, depending on the company you’re in. In the game of Survivor, it could be the very reason people vote you out. 

And then we have the topic of quitting. Contestants will be the first to tell you how hard the game is. But when is the game too much? And when, if ever, does quitting make sense? 

This show brings up SO many questions, and my guest this week, Carrie Marshall, helps me break everything down. 

Carrie Marshall is a certified master coach. She helps people go from big dreamers to awesome achievers. Her new book, “Dream Wild,” comes out this fall.

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