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Raise your hand if you’ve ever practiced dirty dating. 🙋‍♀️

By this, I mean that you are still hung up on your ex when you are trying to date other people. You aren’t managing your mind and you’re thinking that a new mate is the only solution to moving on and feeling better. As we find out in this episode, that never works.

This week is also about victim mentality. If a rose were given out for who could be the biggest victim, for sure Kelsey would have gotten it this time.

On this episode, I’m joined by my friend, Certified Life Coach, Lauren Cash. Lauren helps procrastinating perfectionists get more done, work less, and hit their money goals.

Listen in to hear all about it!


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🌹 Coachable Moments 🌹

We pick up with Peter and Hannah B. deciding if she’ll join the show. Both of them claim to be victims of their hearts.
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[12:15] Kelsey has a meltdown when it seems like Mykenna has stolen her time with Peter. 
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[21:35] Kelsey has her second meltdown when it seems like Hannah Ann has stolen her champagne and her special moment with Peter (notice a pattern?)
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[29:50] Hannah Ann accuses Kelsey of being a bully and asks Peter to save her. 
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[36:17] Victoria F’s brain gets the best of her at the fashion show, except for that one moment when it didn’t.
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