Trusting Your Gut with Amber Taylor | The Bachelorette, S20, E2

Amber Taylor - Pleasure Priority Coach

How do you trust your gut when you’re in an environment designed to have you question everything? Yeah, we don’t know either, but that didn’t stop us from trying! 

This week on the Reality Show Life Coach podcast, I invited Pleasure Priority coach, Amber Taylor on to chat about all things Bachelorette.

Amber is an adventurer, podcast host, and expert coach that helps overachievers and recovering people pleasers clear out the muck to actually enjoy the life they create. Positioning her clients’ pleasure and authenticity as the North star, she combines mindset and somatic tools and her own special magic to help her clients revolutionize their worlds by orienting to pleasure!

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Lynn Grogan: All right, welcome to the Reality Show Life Coach Podcast. Today, we’re going to talk about season, 20 episode, 2 of the Bachelorette. And with me today I have special guest, Amber Taylor. Amber, do you want to introduce yourself?

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: Hi, friends, I am very excited to be here. Yes, my name is Amber Taylor, and I am the pleasure priority coach. And I help over achievers and recovering people pleasers enjoy life more.

Lynn Grogan: and you have an awesome podcast yourself. I have never read a show description that I was so moved by. Really! People are just like whatever this is what the show about. And I, just, I can just tell, like, it’s so good everybody should listen to it. I’m not gonna read it here because you should go look up her podcast pleasure priority. And I’ll have a link in the show notes. Are you ready to talk about the bachelorette today?

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: Yes.

Lynn Grogan: Perfect. Okay. So I’m going to do a quick, quick, quick, as quick as I can show recap. And then we’re going to dig into it because we have a lot to talk about. okay? So on this episode, we start out with our one on one date with Aaron B. They drive up to the Hollywood sign. They pop some champagne and then they have a lovely day. They have good chemistry. What do you think?

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: Yeah, at first I  was squinty about Aaron in the first episode, but he’s growing on me. He came clean about that double sided coin, so he’s growing on me. For reals. 

Lynn Grogan: Yeah. Charity had to have know. They go to dinner, he tells her he’s gone to therapy to help with communication which I like. Actually, you don’t hear that much. I mean she brings up that you don’t hear about a lot of men going to therapy, so I’m sure she just was like giddy inside. 

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: That’s what pushed me over into liking him.

Lynn Grogan: I would be so disappointed later if we find out he went to one therapist once. But maybe he went for many months. Then they have a private concert where they dance, and then he gets the rose. 

Lynn Grogan: Next We have Group Date 1, with 12 of them with the theme, Suns Out Buns Out. Which I knew for sure I was like, okay, they’re gonna wear some speedos. Here

they go to the beach. And then the winners are the pink team. They got the after party, and then Adrian is the MVP of the day, so he gets to go as well. And then John gets the rose. What did you think about this?

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: I like John. He’s he’s cute. He’s got a nice little vibe. He’s fun. 

And then the men are just being men and always trying to win and all the kinds of things. But with Adrian getting the rose or the MVP he was putting in work at the end, and not to say that other people on the team weren’t. I thought it was so interesting that Brayden’s talking about how somebody else deserves the MVP. He just like he gets so into his feelings about everything. Primarily, things that have nothing to do with him.

Lynn Grogan We’re gonna get into this. This is like the teaser. I felt the same way. I was also actually really shocked that they didn’t show any scenes of anybody feeling insecure, wearing a teeny, tiny little Speedo. I was just like, Okay, you guys are good with your bodies cool. 

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: It was actually funny. They put something in like the end, like the credits of them, like having to like, shave clean up all their particulars before, like jumping out there, and some of them did. They are like, oh, this is weird! Oh, there’s so much skin. But you know it’s for the cameras, it’s for the cameras, for the cameras. 

Lynn Grogan: Then we go to the final group date of the show. They’re going for the longest kiss record ever. I’m pretty sure going into this they knew exactly who Charity would be kissing. But who knows? Maybe she did get some selection. We have previous Bachelorettes Gabby and Rachel there and they succeed as the longest kiss. How much was it like? 4 min, 4 and a half minutes! They passed the record by like a minute. Have you ever kissed anybody for that long. I don’t know that I have.

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: I never time, but like I don’t know. I usually forget that there’s producers and all that kind of stuff when watching the show. But I thought it was so weird to just introduce that today, like, Oh, today, we’re breaking history. We’re setting a new record. I’m like, what if she doesn’t like the dude that she’s kissing? What if he’s not a good kisser? What if this breath stank like, why are we just forced to go this long? It felt it so weird to me. It had to have been so awkward to watch, because 4 min watching just people just going with their each other’s faces. It’s kind of long. 

Lynn Grogan: And then, after that Joey gets the one on a date. He talks about his parents’ divorce and his dad coming out, and all of that, and then he gets the rose, too. 

Lynn Grogan: And then we have our rose ceremony, where they do a barbecue instead of a cocktail party, which seems to actually be a much better fit in general on the Bachelorette when they do this. But I think for Charity in particular, her personality seems better aligned to like a pool party. The cocktail parties always seem so stuffy. 14 guys stay, and then the ones out were Spencer, John Henry, Caleb K, Caleb A, and Josh.

Lynn Grogan: Any any other last thoughts before we just launch into our coachable moments?

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach:  let’s go for it. Let’s do it. 

Lynn Grogan: Okay, I’m gonna hand over like the mic to you, because I know you’ve been dying to talk about our first person, which is…

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: Brayden. 

Lynn Grogan: Yes, unleash!

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: I was glad that her brother called him out on the first episode. But, interestingly enough, he got the rose that night. I was like, you know, okay, I got a brother, too, and sometimes I want to do the opposite of what he says, because that’s my big brother, and you not my daddy So that was fine for me. But then, when Brayden, like, has different conversations on camera with the guys versus with Charity.

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: I’m thinking of the one after the kiss. Specifically how, when he was talking about how he needed to pack his bags, it’s so disrespectful. He didn’t think she was the person that he that she thought he would. 

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: First of all, you are on a game show with multiple other other men vying for one women’s attention. ONE woman’s attention. And the whole thing is she’s dating multiple people, and you are one of those people. And then for him to be like. Oh, she’s disrespectful, she’s classless. How could she not be the person who I thought she was like you were the person who signed up for this show.

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: right? The whole point of what’s going on, and the fact that he wasn’t even there.. He tried to make it like his mission like, oh, I just feel so bad for those guys like I just feel bad for my bros.

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: Do you? Really, sir? Because when you had the kiss, you were running around like: I just got a kiss. I feel so giddy/ Oh, look at me! Lipstick on my lips, like so many clips of him saying, Lipstick on my lips. I feeling like you don’t actually give a damn. This is you just like, try and get some attention because it wasn’t on you. 

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: I just can’t stand it. But I know I’ve been talking a lot.

Lynn Grogan: I feel like I could be saying all the same things because it is so hypocritical. I don’t know what his deal is, but it’s like he cannot just be one of the gang. There’s something about like that attention seeking, or something that he just cannot handle, because he just is like it, just if it’s too calm for a while. It’s almost like he has to do something or say something. He’s just like looking for it, and it seems like maybe his brain is hyper vigilant to it. 

Lynn Grogan: What angle would you take with this from a coaching perspective? If somebody had this behavior?

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: I would not coach Brayden, and but I would have a conversation with them. Yeah, it’d be more along the lines of like, “what you got going on? What is it? What is happening in there? 

Because like you mentioned, there’s like this hypervigilance to not just the attention, but like how he presents himself, and how other people perceive him. He always makes comments about himself like, I’m the guy with the earrings. I’m the guy with the scarf. I’m the guy that you wouldn’t expect to be this guy. It’s the way that he views himself. It’s the way that he talks about how he views himself. It’s like he’s always trying to climb this mountain of getting people to like him or overcoming their objections or overcoming like, oh, this guy isn’t this regular clean cut guy. He’s different. And it seems like he’s always trying to prove himself by being even more of that. It doesn’t feel authentic. 

Lynn Grogan: What coaching would you bring to this first off? I would be hard pressed to say that he would even be open to coaching, but if he was, that would show a level of self-awareness that I’m not even seeing reflected here, because he seems like he’s in react mode constantly. And when any of us are in that react mode, it’s hard to take that step back and actually have any sort of self awareness.

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: But he probably thinks he is. Yeah, because even when he who so mad at Adrian, keep my name out your mouth, which I can understand that perspective. 

But at the same time you’re not even owning up to what you were saying like you weren’t telling the truth. You didn’t tell Charity the truth. Your bags were packed, and you just created this situation for her to be like. Oh, my God, thank you for being vulnerable with me and telling me how you feel. And You’re so open… you’re so amazing! When really he was saying she was disrespectful. He couldn’t believe this, and his bags were packed. If she knew that reality, I feel like the conversation would have been very different.

Lynn Grogan: What do you think it was like for Charity to watch this back? Because she’s probably watching this for the first time same time as us. 

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: It’s probably really jarring because she’s trusting what these people are saying to her face. And then they’re having these moments with the guys confessional moments like all these different things, where words are different and actions are different, intentions are different. Tone is different. And if I was watching this back. I would be blown away. But if I did like sign up for the bachelorette, I’d have to talk to the producers, and say we’re gonna have to look at these clips every night because I don’t want nobody playing in my face And then saying another thing behind my back.

Lynn Grogan: Yes, a hundred percent. Well, I mean, and maybe that’s a good time to segue into Charity, because like How does she even know who to trust, and who to listen to, and what information to pick out as being true versus Not true. 

Because we have so many scenes in this episode when she goes out with Aaron B. At the very beginning she talks about in her like in the moment camera interviews just like, oh, I had a gut feeling about him, and now that feels validated. We’ve been on this date. He told me about being in therapy all of that. So she’s somebody that is expressing herself to be someone that trust her gut and trust trust her intuition.

Lynn Grogan: But it’s kind of a while, Wild West. Once she gets into these group dates, and, like all of these, all by all of these men are telling her things. Adrian is telling her things right, and telling her things like.

Lynn Grogan: If she was your client, What would you say to her going into this show about trusting her gut?

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: I think it’s it’s a really interesting concept in terms of reality TV, because it’s not just your gut, your conversations with these people. But it’s we’re doing it for the drama. Or we’re keeping this person, because of good TV or this has, or we have to redo this clip or we have to. We have this conversation because we didn’t have the right angle or whatever. So they’re going to be things where you’re questioning times when you’re questioning, just because of the simple dynamic of what you’re experiencing.

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: And then so that’s the reality TV part. And then the finding love part, I feel like we have a weird relationship with intuition. And what we think that means because we get these good vibes, or we like. Oh, he’s cute. He’s here. He smiled at me, said nice things on the first impression, like. I think I feel good. 

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: I think there’s a difference between like feeling good and noticing you feeling good and putting a story behind it versus actually having an intuitive experience of this feels right for me. 

There is one in the same level of self trust. but to like also the ability to navigate the situation. You’re the Bachelorette. Everybody’s vying for your attention. Everybody is trying to impress you.

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: Everybody might not always be, or will not always be, their true and authentic self. So you gotta have this filter on on to decipher what you’re receiving. Are people just telling me what I want to hear? And how am I feeling in response to this stuff? 

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: I know that it’s TV. But even watching her in some conversations and some interact interactions, some of it is like that smile through clenched teeth and like, Oh, God, I don’t really want to be here. And some of it is that, like actual laughter, that actual connection, and like having a beat on what that actual connection feels like. What it feel like, what rightness, safety, comfortable comfortability, and all that feels like in your body. 

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: So when you do have that intuition, that intuitive knowing of this is right versus this could be right, or things are feeling in a way that I thought I expected them to. I don’t know if I answered your question. 

Lynn Grogan: It’s something that I picked up on, too, from the very beginning of the show. She just has this contagious energy. She’s out with Aaron B. and at the end, like she has real tears in her eyes of like this could actually work. And you get a sense that you know that she has been checking in with herself. She knows what feels good there.

Lynn Grogan: Near the end it seems like she is in conflict because people are telling her things. And when she’s in these group settings… it’s totally understandable. And so when Adrian presents that some of the men might be here and more of a spring break mentality I think it almost seems like the part of her that was hurt in a relationship is the part that’s listening to that and is going. Okay. Wait a minute. We gotta protect ourselves. Maybe it’s not as safe as I thought it was to find love in this context. And you just see her energy. It it did seem like that clenched energy at the end there. Like, okay, let’s just get through this rose ceremony. But kind of like faking it a little bit. Yeah. And I really do this in every season. whenever there’s a issue or something upsetting that gets brought up, they cancel the event of the day and just get to the night. 

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: I personally feel like they should not cancel it, because when I’m in my feelings, when I am upset, when I am hurt, I need to know how y’all are going to respond. 

Lynn Grogan: I agree with that completely. And I think it’s especially a time that people can check in with her and see how she’s doing, because I did notice the imbalance there. I mean, we’re still at a stage where they are like: Let me tell you about myself versus hey, Charity, I want to get to know you because I want to have relationship with you. It would show her which people were actually genuinely interested in her emotional experience of being the Bachelorette and finding love in that way versus them, just auditioning for the role of her husband.

Lynn Grogan:  Because that’s something I noticed when she was on that one on one with Joey. I was like. have you even like checked in with her to see how she is doing versus just talking at her? 

Lynn Grogan: Maybe in some situation she feels comfortable with, because I don’t know about you, but like just being a coach, there’s a lot of situations where I’m just like, Okay, cool. I’m just going to sit here and listen and let you speak, and that feels comfortable for me, because I’m used to holding space But it doesn’t really lend to having that romantic like vulnerable connection with somebody. If you’re going into that mode

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: I don’t see him making it too far. BUT there are some quality men this season for her. When they were coming out of the Limo, everybody was so tall, and I was just like Oh, my! I had to look up how tall she was because I knew she was in heels. I was like, all these men are over 6 feet. That’s incredible. Like, yeah, she’s like 5’ 7” That gives me hope because I am 5, 11.

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: Well, I was like She has a good crop of man out here. 

Lynn Grogan: What what advice would you give her if you were her coach?

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: I honestly would say, take everything with a grain of salt.

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: because this is an experience where you’re supposed to be open, and you’re supposed to be vulnerable. And all these things. But also you can’t really tell or even ask when she’s like, I don’t want people here for the wrong reasons.

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: I think nobody’s gonna be like, all right. I’m out like they came to pretend, like everybody’s here, for the same reason, so or not, for the same reasons. But everybody’s here for their own reasons and finding out who’s here for the right reasons are the same as her.

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: You gotta take what everybody says with a grain of salt. And then the continuous checking in with yourself. I personally really like when they bring on people that they trust to help them evaluate certain connections, or even see things that they haven’t seen themselves, that their friends or family can can step in and be like Oh, you only like him because, he said, he’s gonna do all the things that your ex promised you and like, do you actually like him? Or do you just want these promises? things of that nature. So I like, we talked about checking in with yourself. We talked about learning the difference between your intuition and like the story that she would like to take place. But yeah, adding to that is the taking other people’s words with a grain of salt

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: to the point where somebody saying like I was right, and said you were classless like, I totally get being offended by that.

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: but there are 18 other men here, and you are not gonna take my time from them. Even if you want to keep them around or like whatever producers want to keep them around cool. But like, don’t let any one man change your experience because it is about you.

Lynn Grogan: When I watch this, and I wonder if this is something that happens most seasons with Bachelorette is going into it thinking, like, I’m going to be different. I’m going to do this perfectly, or like, you know, whatever type of word they might want to use. I’ve just been like, listen, it’s not going to be perfect. You’re not going to, you know, like things are going to get messy. And it’s okay. But to your point like, keep your focus like in focus, because you know, you are here to find a husband and not get distracted by these people, and you’re playing into their game when you do. Because I guarantee you anybody who’s telling you about drama, or seems to be on the re like the one delivering the drama are not going to make it to the end. I’ve yet to see that happen. 

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: This could be like an editing thing. But I’ve never seen Adrian or heard him talk about himself. To just describe himself. He always compares himself to others like, I have a kid. So that made me grow up. That made me emotional. But all these other guys they don’t know what it’s like, I have a kid. all these other guys. They’re they’re here, and it’s spring break. But I left my daughter. So I’m here for the right reasons like, but not actually talking about who his daughter is, who his daughter made him, who he is now, and like all that kind of stuff, or then, and then, in comparison with you, they think it’s a spring break and things there that is on this. If you cannot talk about yourself without comparing yourself to others. You don’t know yourself, and in terms of dating. If you don’t know you, I don’t want to know you.

Lynn Grogan: That’s blows my mind a little bit just thinking about that, because there is that clear line of people that seem to know who they are. And then the other ones, who are just kind of scrambling to find their place in that sense.

Lynn Grogan: And it was interesting with Adrian, because I was kind of torn between his perception of Oh, there on spring break versus people are just trying to find joy in a moment

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: where they’re probably like 4 min with her a day. If they don’t have a date, what else are you gonna do? You can’t watch TV. You can’t talk to people. I don’t know if they can even bring books on this show. 

Lynn Grogan: So cannonball in the pool. Why not. What I also just think about Charity watching this back. Is she gonna have fun watching the guys who are sitting around bemoaning the fact that some people are there for the wrong reasons, or the guys that are living it up and finding joy in the moment, and like trying to find pleasure where they can. I don’t know about you but I would rather watch people having fun and want to be around people having fun than the people around that are just judging others.

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: And somebody who doesn’t always have to be around me like I consider a healthy relationship where we’re together, But we’re also still separate people apart.  Like, if I can’t go and do my thing, and you’re just going to sit home and be like oh, when she, getting back! No, do your thing. Have a good time. Hang out with your friends like, do something that lights you up, because that’s your responsibility. Just like lighting me up is my responsibility like our pleasure, I believe, is our own personal responsibilities, and we come in community. We partner with others to expand on what we already have. But we gotta do it first. So yeah, I need somebody having fun without me.

Lynn Grogan: Yeah, well, it’s it’s interesting, too, because you think with having a child that you’d be used to just like kidding around and just being like, all right, like playing in the pool like, whatever like, what is my kid gonna want me see like, oh, okay, they can relate to that And I don’t think that finding love should be a job.

Lynn Grogan: I mean, I don’t. I could see charity’s concerned when she hears this, because she thinks, oh, these are guys are just here for the bromance – which we have many seasons. 

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: Yeah. And when you think spring break, it’s like, Okay, I get to go on TV. I get to drink. All day. I get to meet some Bros. I get to like whatever I get to promote whatever I got going on like that could be very real. And I think that’s what she thought when she thought spring break. But when Adrian was talking about it, and the clips that they showed they were really just having a good time together.

Lynn Grogan: Yeah, like every other season that we have seen for, like, oh, what should we do? Okay, I guess the one thing that they’ve allowed us to do, which is, be in the pool with our shirts off because they want good TV, yeah, yeah, And it doesn’t surprise me that Adrian and Brayden are feeding off of each other. because there’s a lot of men in the house that seem very mature, that are like I am staying out of it, and these 2 seem magnetic to each other just like, Okay, whatever it is. I’m going to find something to pick at here. If it’s not the like spring break thing. I don’t know how much Brayden was involved in that, but I think he was jumping in the pool. It’s the MVP thing he like when Brayden was like getting it after Adrian that he didn’t deserve it being it. What do you even talk? You didn’t.

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: Why does it matter if Adrian went or Caleb went? You weren’t there. What’s the point? That’s just tailored to your bro like I get that part of the spring break thing of like, oh, you want it is Bro. To win. But at the end of the day you’re not here for him.

Lynn Grogan: And I do think that from a coaching perspective, if you’re picking up on things from other people that you’re saying that you don’t like is because you have those qualities yourself in some way, shape or form, and I see that with Brayden and Adrian they’re both super, Judgy. They both think that they know how Charity should think and approach all of this. It’s almost like they think they’re at the amusement park, and they got the fast track to the front of the line. They’re just like, I don’t understand why they shouldn’t break the shows rules for me.

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: Brayden being like getting I got The first impression, rose, and then thinking that he’s owed everything after that. I need more. I just I don’t want to act like my spot secure here, but all he’s doing is acting like his box secure. 

Lynn Grogan: I do think I saw a clip for the future of Charity, saying to Brayden, like, I’m not looking for a boyfriend, I’m looking for a husband, so maybe she’s finally given the green light to let him go. 

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: Yeah. But yeah, that said it said something about, and I think it was Brayden. having an issue with her dating other people, and there was a comment like, I don’t want to be with a woman who’s dated 20 of my friends. again. It’s the premise of the show like he didn’t get what you think was, gonna happen.

Lynn Grogan:  listen when you go to bachelor in Paradise, because it’s inevitable that he will go on this island with many people. Then you can say, Yes, we should only date one person. But while you are here this is like pay to play on bachelor in Paradise. He goes over there. He’ll be like, you can only date one person.

Lynn Grogan: Adrian’s probably not far behind. He’s like, listen, I have a child. So therefore I should get to date all the people that you should not, because whoever’s going to come into mother my child should only have eyes for me, like I’m pretty sure it’s an entitlement. 

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach It really is. 

Lynn Grogan: I sound like I’m doggin on everybody. I like John. What about you?

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: I have a couple of others that I like, I like John For some reason I have. I have good vibes about him. I like Xavier, even though we didn’t get a lot of screen time. I like go to I like him, too. Yeah. And he seems authentic to me like, and and not too eager, and not the he seems like he’s stepping into it instead of Oh, my God! I love her so much! And before, like Bro, it’s been a week, maybe, like chill I get. It’s intense in the environment. But chill. 

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Lynn Grogan: So and let me see, was there anybody else? I think there’s a few others, and they just haven’t like caught my attention as much because they’re doing like normal. They’re not spending time on drama. I I’ll be definitely interested to see how soon she votes off Brayden and Adrian, or doesn’t give them roses. I would say it’s the next couple of weeks. They do not make it far. I just feel sure of this. Somebody else will bring the drama. Somebody else will. I mean, we need to like keep frighten on long enough to see like what ridiculous earrings he’s going to wear, apparently because I’ve seen many in the clips, so I’m excited to see what happens. I’m excited to see more of charities outfits, because everything she wore. I was like your stylist is, or whoever it is, you or somebody else taking this out is amazing. So

Lynn Grogan: Any last thoughts before we close up the show today, Amber? 

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: I am excited to see what happens in the rest of the season and excited to stay in tune with the podcast and see what’s everybody talking about with this? Because it’s it’s interesting, like, I, of course, have my coach brain always But I don’t always apply it like reality. TV has been my like outlet, or like just trash TV source. So I love to just like you know, talks about people on the on the team and to bring in a coaching perspective and coachable moments has been real cool. So yes. 

Lynn Grogan: Well, thank you so much for coming on the show. It’s been awesome to get your perspective and to get to know you. This is like the fun part for me of this, podcast I get to meet new people. Where can people find you on the Internet if they wanted to look you up?

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: Yes, I am on all social platforms at Amber Taylor coaching. My website is and as mentioned, the pleasure priority is my podcast and available on all streaming platforms.

Lynn Grogan: Yes, and all of those will be in the show notes So you have easy links to pick from. Amber, Thank you for coming on the show today. I really appreciate it. 

Amber Taylor – Pleasure Priority Coach: Yes, thank you so much for having me and hosting this awesome concept. 

Lynn Grogan: Yay, okay, until next time.

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