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I’ll be completely honest – the Women Tell All episode is always my LEAST favorite of the season. I totally get why it exists, but I find it so cringe-worthy. This time around was no different.

But on the upside, this week I was joined by the fabulous Carrie Marshall. Carrie coaches men! Why? Because she’s awesome. And she’s also a damn good coach.

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🌹 Coachable Moments 🌹

During the Rose Ceremony, Peter moves forward with Madison and lets Victoria F. go. Madison hasn’t given Peter the validation he’s looking for, but he’s going for it anyway. 

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Oh… the Women Tell All section. So much bickering. So many victims.
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Let’s talk about Chris Harrison. Is he a coach? A dad? The best confidante ever? Why not all of these? 
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Sitting on the Hot Seats, Peter, Kelsey, and Victoria F. all showed some self-awareness they got from watching back their seasons. Who are these people and what did you do with the drama? 
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At the end of the episode, previous Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay read some hate comments that had been shared on social media. Carrie and I talk about how someone might handle this. 
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