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I’m SO excited about this very first episode of the Bachelor Life Coach podcast!

This week I invited Certified Life and ADHD Coach, Shaun Roney on the podcast to help me coach the contestants of The Bachelor on their issues.

One of the biggest themes we see this week involves social rules: who’s following them, who’s not and all the drama in between.

It’s a super fun episode and I can’t wait for you to listen!


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🌹 Coachable Moments 🌹

Shiann confronts Hannah Ann about stealing Peter too many times.
📺Re-watch on Hulu: 51:40

[14:48] Victoria F. has LOTS drama about her one-liner to Peter, “The one thing I want you to know about me is that I have a very dry sense of humor… but that’s the only thing that’s dry about me.”
📺Re-watch on Hulu: 54:30

[20:40] Mykenna knocks back a glass of wine and reflects on the balls it took for Hannah Ann to pursue Peter the way she did.
📺Re-watch on Hulu: 1h

[24:54] During the first Group Date, Kelley cheated and Tammy complains (a lot) that it’s not fair.
📺Re-watch on Hulu: 1h, 24m

[31:51] Previous Bachelorette Hannah Brown creates all the dramas. She broke Peter’s heart once, will she do it again?
📺Re-watch on Hulu: 1h, 50m


 Featured on the Show

Shaun Roney, Life and ADHD Coach 


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