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I just finished my self-coaching with some protest. 

I started out feeling nervous and ended still feeling nervous. 

My thought was that I can’t stop now because I don’t feel that much better. 

So interesting how I assumed that if I self-coach that I’m entitled to feel differently. 

Really all any of us are entitled to do is to think and feel. 

Nowhere is it written that if we take an action like self-coaching or meditating or exercise that we will be rewarded with a better feeling. That’s not actually how the model works. The only way we feel better is if we change and believe different thoughts.

It turns out that I don’t believe a new thought yet, so I get to carry the nervous feeling with me a little longer.

That’s my privilege as a human. I get to feel. About half of the time I’ll feel great and half of the time I’ll feel terrible. 

I see this happen with our clients all the time. They come to us saying, but I’ve done SO many models and still feel awful, it must not be working.

Ah, but it’s working perfectly. You still believe the thoughts that make you feel terrible and that’s the part that you are not seeing. 

When you stop being a victim to those thoughts, you can take ownership and change them. It could happen after one model or fifty models. It really depends on your willingness to believe something new. 

That’s also your privilege as a human. You can watch your thoughts and change them. 

Your forward motion is dependent on your willingness to look and accept the feelings that come with it. 

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