Choose It and Lose It

As an adult, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, ever.

As a kid, your parents could tell you that you have to eat peas.

If you didn’t eat them, they could tell you to sit at the table until you finish your cereal, and no amount of smooshing or pushing them around your bowl will convince them you’re finished.

As an adult you don’t have to do any of that sh*t.

Imagine a waiter telling you, “Ma’am, you CANNOT leave your table until you finish all of your duck a l’orange.”

It would be amusing at best.

And yet so many of us spend our lives thinking that we have no choice.

Imagine you go to a party and the host is serving pizza and beer.

Pizza and beer don’t serve your weight loss goals, but there’s nothing else to eat.

What do you do?

You conclude that you HAVE to eat the pizza, which you resent.

You think…

  • “I’ll hurt the host’s feelings for not eating”
  • “Everyone will judge me for not eating it”
  • “They will think that I’m being difficult”

So you eat the pizza and you think you have no choice in the matter.

I don’t buy it. You always have a choice.


If you tell yourself you have no choices, you shut yourself down from exploring your options.

If you were open to other options, you would have so many alternatives:

  • You could choose to eat the pizza and sign up for the consequences
  • You could not eat the pizza and decide to eat later
  • You could bring something that you can eat and share it with all the other guests

If you read this and start feeling resistant, it’s because you are unwilling to give up the limiting beliefs that I mentioned before (they will hate me, judge me, be hurt).

You have to be willing to be wrong about the limiting beliefs that don’t help you lose weight  so you can adopt new beliefs that do help you.

This will take practice.

You might need to take baby steps, and that’s OK.

For the example above you could think, “I’m choosing to eat the pizza this time. I know I may feel bloated, have heartburn, and gain weight, but it’s OK because It’s 100% my choice. Next time I will prepare myself to make a different choice.”

The more you take responsibility for the thoughts that are holding you back, the better you will get at moving toward your weight loss goals. I promise.

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