Ready is a feeling

My teacher Bev Aron said the most striking thing the other day on a coaching call, “Ready is what you feel when you tell yourself, ‘Let’s go.’ Don’t sit around and wait for it to happen for you.” [...]


Wonderful and Weird

I published the first episode of my podcast yesterday. You can listen to it here. A few months ago I didn’t think this was going to happen. I thought it would be fun to publish a podcast all [...]


Everyone is Good Enough

What if everyone you ever dated was good enough? Good enough for you, good enough as a human, 100% worthy of love. Can you grant them that belief? When I scan back through the lineup of guys I [...]


Rules are made to be broken

So many of us rely on societal rules to help us feel in control and to feel like things are right or just. Societal rules are things like, you should wait in line for your turn. Or you shouldn’t [...]


Privacy is not a Circumstance

Every morning in my journal I do a thought download and then circle just the circumstances. These are the neutral facts of what I have written. They aren’t good or bad, they just are. Everything [...]


Something to Teach You

That thing that keeps coming up over and over again has something to teach you. There’s nothing wrong because you haven’t learned that thing yet. You aren’t deficit. You just haven’t learned the [...]


Living in the Payoff

It’s a brand new year, a brand new decade, my friends.  Have you taken a moment to look at what you have created in your life?  When we set out to do anything, so often we tell ourselves that it [...]


One Foot Out the Door

I was coaching a client yesterday about switching jobs.  She wouldn’t be seeing patients anymore and thinking about that was making her sad. Whenever she’d get a little down about things, she’d [...]


I’ll do better

Yesterday I had a tiff with my husband.  It was the same one we always have. Every time I tell myself I’ll do better in the future. I’ll approach things in a better way so that peace and calm [...]


Maybe nothing is wrong

I woke up with a heaviness in my chest.  You know the feeling?  The familiar draped sadness over your body that’s with you before you open your eyes.  It seems like something must be going [...]