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Yesterday my client told me that she had had many breakthroughs lately and she wondered how she could stay in that state of constantly breaking through. 

I get that. The dopamine hits we get from ah-has feels amazing and maybe a little addictive. It makes sense that she would want more. 

When we ask ourselves how we can stay anywhere, even in a place where we feel on top of the world, we are inviting ourselves to stay stuck. We are telling ourselves that there is better than here. 

But ah-ha moments or breakthroughs aren’t these sudden bursts of realization that happen to us out of nowhere. They are the result of having done the work. Of being willing to admit things to yourself that are scary and of having shown up everyday willing to look at the thoughts in your mind. 

The moments where you aren’t breaking through are where you are doing the work. 

Asking yourself, how can I stay here prevents you from moving forward and it keeps you stuck.

It’s like waiting for inspiration to strike in order to write a novel. It’s nice when it happens, but you’ll never get the book written if you’re waiting for genius to arrive. 

The book gets written by putting your butt in your chair day after day and writing even if you think every word is shit. 

It’s the same with managing your mind. Your mind gets managed by scribbling your thoughts on paper daily and being willing to be curious about those words. You move forward by practicing new thoughts that will get you the results you want. 

Breakthroughs are a bonus.

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