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I asked someone to be my friend this week. She said yes. 

I can’t remember the last time I asked someone that. Maybe never. 

She’s someone I’ve had a girl crush on for months and it never occurred to me until now to ask for friendship.

If I’m being honest, she started it. She messaged me on Slack after The Life Coach School Mastermind event saying she was bummed we didn’t meet in person. I agreed with her. 

Next time, I said. 

Then silence.

The other day I wrote about how I posted publicly on our coaching Slack group about not feeling good enough. 

A few days after I posted, she DM’d me to say how much my words helped her when she was not accepted into a coaching program she really wanted to do. 

It means a lot to me that she would say that. 

So then I did the only thing that made sense. I asked, “Can we be friends?” 

She said she already had our BFF necklaces picked out. 

Sometimes we have to be braver than our fear of rejection to get what we want.

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