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As far as we know, we are the only animals who practice metacognition, the awareness or analysis of our own learning or thinking process. 

That blows my mind: WeTHINK about our own THINKING. 

Here’s how we can use that to figure out our next breakthrough.

Most often what happens after a breakthrough is that we feel a surge of relief. When we feel better, we live in that dopamine for a moment and then we move on. We don’t pause to capture what we’ve learned.

But if we ask ourselves some great questions, we can work with our brains to get even more out of our next ah-ha moment. 


– What is the next breakthrough I want to have? 

– How is this similar to something else I’ve figured out before? What helped me there? 

– What is the problem I’m trying to solve? How will I know that I’ve solved it? 


– What do I notice right now? 

– What could I let go of today in order to move forward?

– Who could help me figure this out? 

– How will I know I’m making progress? How can I track this?


– How did I figure that out? 

– What was surprising about this process? 

– Where did I get confused or stuck and how did I move on from there? 

These questions are just a starting point, but any open-ended questions will help you explore your brain.

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