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It’s 9:45 AM and the folks at the Portland co-working space are still not answering their phone.  

My group coaching call is in 1 hour and 15 minutes and I can’t access the room because they didn’t give me a door code. 

Don’t panic. Don’t panic. Don’t panic. 

Too late, I panic. 

I need to find another option, but where? It’s the day after Thanksgiving and everything seems to be closed. 

I start crying as I speed walk back to the light rail station. I’ll just head downtown. If anything I can book a hotel room. 

I phone Josh. Now I’m sobbing. 


OK, slow down. Who should I call? 

He’s much calmer than I am. Doesn’t he know we should be panicking? 

I make some suggestions and hang up. It’s 9:56 AM. 

I call two hotels and the idea of renting out a meeting room last minute seems like a foreign concept to them. Ugh. 

The train arrives at 10:06 AM and stepping onto it, it seems foolish that I didn’t take an Uber. Dammit Lynn. 

At 10:23 AM Josh texts back and says that he’s booked a room for me at the downtown library for 11 AM. 

That’s such a crapshoot since the Wi-Fi will likely be terrible, but I have no other ideas at this point. 

I get off the train and run 3 blocks to the library. It’s 10:33 AM. The clerk behind the desk tells me that someone else just booked the room until 11AM and I can’t have it until then. 

At that point she looks up and sees the freaked out look on my face. 

How about I walk you up there? 

Her kindness calms me down. She shows me the room and it’s a quiet sunny corner away from the noisy main space.

As she walks away, I run a WiFi speed test on my phone. 

Their signal is the fastest I’ve experienced on the road. I can’t believe my luck.

By 11AM, I’m in the room and starting the call. At 12pm I’m done. 

I have no idea if it went well, but it went. 

The worst thing I could imagine happening for a group call happened and I made it through.

In a way the panic was a good thing because for sure I’m going to remember this and FOR SURE I’m going to have a back up (or five) for the next group call. 

Lesson learned.

Boo, I got a back up plan to the back up plan

To back up my back up plan

– Big Boi


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