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Hi! I’m Lynn.

I bought my first travel trailer in 2013. At the time I had never been in a travel trailer, let alone towed one.

I just knew that being stuck in an office wasn’t working for me and I thought full-time solo RV travel was the answer.

By January, 2014 I had convinced my boss to let me quit all in-person aspects of my office manager job and I never looked back.

Becoming a Coach.

I found coaching several years down the road after I met my husband, Josh.

Meeting him was both amazing and scary. I was navigating being in a committed relationship and sharing my very independent RVing life with another human.

I ate and drank to cope with all these changes and within a year reached the highest weight I’d ever been. My coach helped me stop emotionally eating and lose 35 lbs within months.

Even better than that, she taught me how to manage my mind and handle any situation life handed to me. I was hooked.

I knew my next step was to become a life coach and help others do the same.

Working Together.

Over the past 5 years I’ve coached hundreds of clients (most of them female physicians) on all aspects of life. What I noticed time and time again in coaching sessions is that so many people are wildly dissatisfied with their lives.

The brave few start questioning it. The even braver ones do something about it.  

If you’re ready to stop settling for good enough and create a life and work that’s meaningful to you, let’s chat!  

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